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Scientific Advisory Board

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The goal of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Between the 25th of May and the 5th of June 2016, the Scientific Advisory Board of DECI project reviewed some of the first results of the project regarding the methodological approach of the project and the Business Models defined. The 18 SAB members worked in five local meetings in Spain, Italy, Israel, Sweden and Netherlands, with an overall coordination to gather relevant feedbacks and suggestions.

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board is to provide independent feedback on the major project strategic decisions and results. In particular, the SAB offers to the DECI Project:

  1. Advice on the way the Project is proceeding and feedbacks on key findings;
  2. Suggestions on how to improve both Project results and their impact on the industrial community;
  3. Whenever possible, advises on possible exploitation and dissemination activities and possibilities to linking the project to other related international initiatives.

The SAB members may also act as patrons and ambassadors for the DECI project as deemed appropriate and as mutually agreed by the SAB and the DECI Coordination Committee. Besides the direct benefit for the project in terms of quality of the project results, the prominence of these members and their exposure to the results of the project is expected to ensure dissemination and collaboration with other research initiatives.

The board will also address ethics issues, leveraging the experience in European and national regulatory frameworks.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of:

  1. The DECI Project scientific coordinator, as chair.
  2. Prominent members (not involved in other roles in the project) of all organizations involved in the Project (Partner). 
  3. Other eminent experts, representing stakeholders in the DECI ecosystem, these include members of the local care authorities and patients’ organizations, ICT and clinical representatives, research representatives.

This composition has been devised in order to ensure multidisciplinary competences within the Scientific Advisory Board, so as to support foreseeable needs within the project with the support of both internal and external experts.


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