DECI is a project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 initiative, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation [Grant No.643588], under the EU Call PHC20Advancing active and healthy aging with ICT: ICT solutions for independence living with Cognitive Impairment

The goal of DECI – Digital Environment for Cognitive Inclusion, is to design and demonstrate the value of feasible interventions on business models in elderly care, enabled by ICTs, to be scaled across National Healthcare Systems.

DECI will propose ways to strengthen traditional care organization models, through the support of digital tools targeted for elderly with Cognitive Impairments, based of innovative technologies, information sharing, data interoperability and replicable logics. To pursue this goal, the DECI Consortium gathers partners from five different countries (Italy, Sweden, Spain, Israel and Netherlands), merging academic and research competences-focused subjects, care and social-care providers, healthcare authorities, ICT industry and their broad network of stakeholders.


Pivotal elements of the Project include a triple perspective, aimed at increasing Cognitive Impairment-affected elderly quality of life thanks to:Focus

  1. A study of organizational models and processes and an evolution of traditional care models, aiming for a more effective, personalized and farsighted approach, increasing quality of life of patients, while simultaneously meeting organisational and economic goals;
  2. An exploitation of digital technologies, whose features and capabilities will support the delivery of personalized services; thanks to the definition of traceable datasets, approaches, tools and functionalities that can directly support care activities;
  3. A definition of business plans and economic models, which will be adapted to different application areas within different countries, granting economic feasibility and addressing cost coverage issues related to the implementation of new procedures and technological solutions.



In order to address the economic and organizational impacts of proposed measures and actions, four living lab pilots will assess feasibility, effectiveness and potential economics benefits of proposed measures within specific local healthcare systems and real-life environments in Israel, Italy, Spain and Sweden.