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Maccabi is the second largest HMO in Israel, covering about 2 million beneficiaries (25% of market share). It operates both as an insurer of its members, and as their care provider. It is a community based healthcare provider that provides most of the care in the community. Maccabi operates primary care General Practitioners, as well as secondary, and healthcare professionals, including nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists. In addition to the community clinics, we have an extensive network of institutes and clinics providing specialized treatment in all major medical fields, as well as the largest network of private hospitals in Israel and a chain of pharmacies.


Maccabi Healthcare Services was one of the first health care organizations, internationally, to recognize the strategic potential of information and communication technology for managing comprehensive health care systems, with particular emphasis on health care services in the community. Maccabi’s IT and e-health infrastructure is among the most advanced in the world pioneering in various modes of service delivery via e-health technology. We use comprehensive and integrated computerized information systems, cost-effective management and sophisticated monitoring and evaluation tools.

The geriatric services for our 150,000 members aged 65+ include multidisciplinary medical home care, comprehensive geriatric assessment and health promotion and prevention. Maccabi has developed strategies and services for treatment of the elderly population that are provided to the CI and dementia patients to ensure comprehensive multidisciplinary care.


The role in the Project

Maccabi has developed and operates an Integrated Care platform which enables the connection of multidisciplinary care providers in order to deliver care to high need patients. The integrated care model offers better accessibility to medical advice for broad range of population and empowers the patient in decision making for improved health outcomes. It is a framework in which medical treatment and health services are coordinated. The application includes built-in alerts, clinical protocols and treatment plans and interfaces with remote monitoring devices and can integrate with Electronic Health Record (EHR) and other organizational systems or function as a standalone solution. It is based on open architecture and enables the care provider to effectively manage the delivery of integrated care to patients.


With this rich background in both healthcare and medical expertise and the experience of advanced ICT adoption Maccabi offers the project the following contributions:

  1. Preforming a deep analysis of patient needs, caregiver and treatment requirements for services especially designed for mild to moderate Cognitive Impairments and frail people;
  2. Researching, designing and providing the integrated care platform and tools for online diagnosis and interventions;
  3. Evaluating the business, industrial and quality impact;
  4. Testing and assessing performance of the resulting solution within the Israeli pilot site.


Team Members

Dalia Idar

Project Manager

Gabriel Vainstein

Clinical Manager


Dr. Zorian Radomyslsky

Director of Geriatrics

Nivi Chaimov

System Analyst


Haya Barkai

Director of Clinical Applications and Digital Services 


Tal Adamit

Occupational Therapist