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Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS, headquartered in Milan, is a non-profit organisation involved in the fields of health, rehabilitation, training and international cooperation. It holds 28 centres in 9 Italian regions, with more than 3500 beds and about 5500 operators employed. In 5 centres the Don Gnocchi Foundation performs an activity of scientific research and, in two of them, it has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as “IRCCS” (research hospital of national interest) in the field of rehabilitation and, in particular, in the research lines of advanced technology, biotechnology, neuroscience and neurological, cardiological and pulmonary rehabilitation, disability. Each year, in all these fields, more than one hundred of peer reviewed papers are published on international journals, and about 150 research projects are planned, declared to Italian Ministry of Health (the government institution monitoring the activity of research hospitals) and executed, leading to translational results applicable at patient’s bed. In the city of Milan, FDG holds many services of long-term care: 2 nursing homes for 650 residents (84% with dementia moderate to severe, 25% with end-of-life care); 2 Alzheimer special care units for 65 residents; 1 Alzheimer memory care unit for 11 residents with mild cognitive impairment; 3 Alzheimer evaluation units and 2 Geriatric evaluation units with more than 2.000 evaluations/year; 3 day care centres and 2 home care services for elderly with cognitive impairment.  


The Role in the Project

Fondazione Don Gnocchi has a wide experience in building care network with public and non-profit services to sustain elderly with cognitive impairment. Services are customized according to comprehensive assessment of the needs of elderly, developing models of case-management, care planning and continuing care. In the community, services are targeted to foster independent living also in the presence of frailty and disability.

Within the DECI project Fondazione Don Gnocchi will be mainly responsible of two tasks:

  1. Defining the target population of the DECI Project and the relevant dimensions, variables and tests that will be used to analyse the target population in the different pilot sites and subdivide it into clusters;
  2. Testing the innovative ICT solutions identified and the developed business model within the Italian pilot site.


Team Members


Fabrizio Giunco

Medical Director of Istituto Palazzolo

Valerio  Gower

Biomedical Engineer, Health Technology Assessment Service



Pietro Davide Trimarchi

Neuropsychologist at Istituto Palazzolo

Furio Gramatica

Physicist, Head of Health Technology Assessment Service


Niccolò Viti

Geriatrician, Head of Alzheimer Evaluation Unit at Istituto Palazzolo