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Consoft Sistemi is an Italian company present in the ICT market since 1986, with offices in Torino, Milano, Genova, Roma and Tunis, 400 employees and an annual turnover of around 29 million Euros. Operating alongside the group leader Consoft Sistemi, are three other companies: Consoft Consulting focused on specific topics of public administration; CSInIT specializes in scouting and distribution innovative software for the Italian market; Consoft Sistemi MEA expands the group leader’s offer, particularly linked to Telecoms in the North African and Middle Eastern markets.


Products, Solutions and Services

Consoft Sistemi’s offer is focused on thematic areas in which the company is able to create ‘end to end’ solutions for its customers through technological and methodological consultancy, training, development of integrated solutions and the provision of insourcing/outsourcing service: IT Governance & Management, Business Analytics, Big Data, CRM, DevOps, Mobile Experience, Dematerialization of document processes, Digital Content Management, IOT & Connected.

Consoft Sistemi also keeps on performing R&D activities in order to integrate the edge of the state of the art in its offer and give significant contribution participating in:

  1. Smart Communities Clusters (Lombardia and Piedmont)
  2. Cluster Technologies for Life Environments (Lombardia)
  3. Cluster of Health, Innovation and Community (Lazio)
  4. National Technological Cluster for Smart Communities – ICT and MESAP Innovation through Torino Wireless.

The Smart Communities Clusters born with the objective to promote and facilitate research in support of innovation on the topic of smart cities and smart communities, in order to design, develop and implement the most advanced technology solutions for the integrated management system of urban scale and subway. Consoft Sistemi collaborate in following areas:

  1. Mobility
  2. Health
  3. Health / lifestyle
  4. E-government
  5. Education and training
  6. Cultural heritage and tourism


The role in the Project

Consoft Sistemi has strong competences in the field of frailty and healthy ageing solutions based on ICT technologies. Such experience derived from having already, initially experimented, and secondly proposed commercially a specific solution in this field with more than one thousand installation. Besides Consoft Sistemi has participated and is participating to research activities and projects thanks to a continue collaboration with important Italian and European reaserch entities. Consequently Consoft Sistemi aims to bring methodological, functional and technological contributes in the e-health field.

Moreover Consoft Sistemi shall provide strong competences in the field of mobile applications (smartphone and tablet ), wireless sensor network, radio based protocols, to propose the study and the enlargement of technological device solutions to integrate in the project


Team Members


Serena Ambrosini

Project Manager

Luca Feletti

Scientific Coordinator



Christian Salerno

Administrative and Financial Referee

Dino Olivo