Chalmers Centre for Healthcare Improvement

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Centre for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) is a research center at Chalmers University that conducts research and education in improvement, innovation and transformation of healthcare. Located at the Department of Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers, CHI also has expertise in areas such as quality, logistics, production, innovation and organizational learning.


The goal of CHI is to work with the Swedish healthcare services and to create and disseminate research-based, action-oriented knowledge about how one can achieve better and safer health care. CHI also wants to contribute to the professional development of healthcare management and the overall development of healthcare.


The role in the Project

Centre for Healthcare Improvement will be engaged in most of the work packages. CHI will have a substantial role in developing local, innovative, ICT-supported care models in the four different countries. CHI will be the work package leader of Work package 6, which handles the evaluation of the local pilots and the DECI-business models. The evaluation will focus on business-, industrial- and quality impact of the DECI-model including its local varieties.


Team Members


Patrik Alexandersson

Project Leader

Henrik Eriksson

Scientific Leader



Monika Juerkeviciute


Andreas Hellström

Scientific Advisor