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Consortium meeting 19-7-2018

Consortium Meeting – Bruxelles

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Yesterday, 19th of July, the DECI partners met each other in Bruxelles to prepare the meeting with the European Project Officer and the reviewers.

Consortium meeting 19-7-2018_2

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HIMSS Europe 2018

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Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, in the role of the Project Coordinator, presented the DECI project results at the HIMSS Europe 2018 and Health 2.0 Conference in Sitges (Spain) at the Italian Pavillion 

Some photo of the event:

IMG-20180530-WA0000 IMG-20180529-WA0002 DECI results




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Consortium Meeting and SAB Meeting in Milan

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Today, 25th of May, in Milan, at the Department of Management and Industrial Engineering (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale – DIG) of Politecnico di Milano, the consortium meeting of the DECI – Digital Environment for Cognitive Inclusion – project is ongoing. The partners are talking about the results of the pilots in the four Countries: Italy, Sweden, Israel and Spain.

The Scientific Advisory Board meeting will take place in the afternoon to validate the project results.



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Consortium meeting – Goteborg

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On 17th and 18th of October, the DECI partners met each other and the Swedish Scientific Advisory Board members at the Centre of Healthcare Improvement in Goteborg (Sweden). 

The partners have aligned the activities of the 4 project pilots that are proceeding with the enrolment of the patients. Moreover, they have focused on the finalization of the data collecting methods for the pilot’s evaluation and they have also discussed about the project exploitation. Finally, the Swedish Scientific Advisory Board members have provided some suggestions on the pilots assessment measures.


Some photos of the meeting:

 Consortium meeting 17-10-2017 Goteborg v2 2X3A7703  2X3A7694 












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Getafe_consortium meeting 26-6-2017

Year 2 Review – Getafe

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On 27th of June, all the partners of the Consortium met the European Project Officer and the reviewers in Getafe to present the results obtained at the end of the second year of the project.
The DECI partners also met each other on 26th of June to prepare the meeting and the 28th to organize the third year activities based on the suggestions received by the reviewers.
During the meeting the Consortium has shown a video tutorial to describe how the DECI platform works for the patient. Moreover, during the meeting we had a skype call with a patient at home in Sweden to interact with a real patient enrolled in a DECI pilot.
At the end of July, the consortium received the results of the review: thanks to the collaboration of all partners, all the submitted deliverables were accepted and we can work on the third year of DECI project, leveraging also the useful feedbacks and recommendations collected in the review process.
In October we will hold a Consortium meeting in Goteborg to compare the first data collection of the four pilots (in Italy, Sweden, Spain and Israel).



Consortium meeting in Getafe                                                                                     

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Getafe 2017

DECI Consortium meeting in Madrid on 7-8th March 2017

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On 7th and 8th of March, all the DECI partners met in the “Hospital Universitario de Getafe” to plan in detail the last activities before the pilots starting.

In these two days, we have defined the action plan for the next two months, with the last tasks to be implemented for the start up of the platform, to set up the digital support to the physical exercises and the cognitive games and for the management of the smart-watches.

We have defined and shared all the details for the pilots in each Country.

Madrid_meeting                                                                                      Madrid_meeting_2

Introduction of Consortium meeting by the coordinator                                                                                     Meeting in Getafe Hospital 

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Fondazione Don Gnocchi

Scientific Advisory Board Meeting – 27 October 2016

Category : DECI events

On the 27th of October, the DECI Consortium team met with the Scientific Advisory Board to present the development of the DECI project.
The aim was to share and confirm the pilot implementation approaches and methodology for each country, and to collect feedback and suggestions about the DECI solution, the four pilot sites and the KPI framework.
The meeting, which was the first time that all the international SAB members had met in person was hosted by Fondazione Don Gnocchi at the Palazzolo Institute in Milan. It provided the opportunity for the SAB members to visit Fondazione Don Gnocchi’s Istitute.


Visit in Palazzolo Institute

IMG_7612 IMG_7616

Tele rehabilitation demo session



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DECI Consortium meeting in Milan on 26th October 2016

Category : DECI events

On the 26th of October, all DECI Consortium partners met in Milan at Fondazione Politecnico to share research results and to define their next steps. They also discussed the details of implementing pilot sites.
A first version of DECI’s online solutions demo was shown, and the Smart Watch for monitoring activities. Both of them are digital solutions aligned with the DECI Business Model that will play an important role in the local pilots.
During the meeting, a DECI solution was defined for each pilot site, with processes, technical configuration, clinical protocols and local settings. Risks, opportunities and feasibility were also discussed.


Activity Monitoring System demo


Fondazione Politecnico headquarters in Milan – meeting room









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Scientific Advisory Board

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The goal of Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Between the 25th of May and the 5th of June 2016, the Scientific Advisory Board of DECI project reviewed some of the first results of the project regarding the methodological approach of the project and the Business Models defined. The 18 SAB members worked in five local meetings in Spain, Italy, Israel, Sweden and Netherlands, with an overall coordination to gather relevant feedbacks and suggestions.

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board is to provide independent feedback on the major project strategic decisions and results. In particular, the SAB offers to the DECI Project:

  1. Advice on the way the Project is proceeding and feedbacks on key findings;
  2. Suggestions on how to improve both Project results and their impact on the industrial community;
  3. Whenever possible, advises on possible exploitation and dissemination activities and possibilities to linking the project to other related international initiatives.

The SAB members may also act as patrons and ambassadors for the DECI project as deemed appropriate and as mutually agreed by the SAB and the DECI Coordination Committee. Besides the direct benefit for the project in terms of quality of the project results, the prominence of these members and their exposure to the results of the project is expected to ensure dissemination and collaboration with other research initiatives.

The board will also address ethics issues, leveraging the experience in European and national regulatory frameworks.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of:

  1. The DECI Project scientific coordinator, as chair.
  2. Prominent members (not involved in other roles in the project) of all organizations involved in the Project (Partner). 
  3. Other eminent experts, representing stakeholders in the DECI ecosystem, these include members of the local care authorities and patients’ organizations, ICT and clinical representatives, research representatives.

This composition has been devised in order to ensure multidisciplinary competences within the Scientific Advisory Board, so as to support foreseeable needs within the project with the support of both internal and external experts.

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Y1 review_EU_brussels

Year 1 Review – Brussels

Category : DECI events

6th July 2016 – DECI Year 1 Review – Brussels

On Wednesday 6th of July, the partners met each other in Brussels to show the first year results of the DECI project to the European Project Officer and the reviewers.

The partners met also on 5th of July to prepare altogether the meeting.

All the partners worked with effort and attention and, thanks to this collaboration, we got a great result. We thank the European Commission for the valuable advice that we will follow, aligning some activities and examining some important topics. This is only a partial result, but it gave us the charge to take the project forward with pride in the next two years.

During this meeting we discussed about the following topic:

  1. DECI project vision & goals
  2. Year 1 achievements
  3. Project Structure & Gantt
  4. Results of the Analysis of existing models for managing elderly people with Cognitive Impairment and of their needs (WP1), Business models and ICT solutions for digital services (WP2), Design of the Digital Environment for Cognitive Inclusion (WP3) and Project Management (WP8) illustrated by each WP leader
Y1 review_foto meeting 1
Y1 review_foto meeting 2


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